Our mission is to create developments that foster a connection with nature and enhance the wellbeing of residents.

Modular buildings by a lake

We prefabricate our own units in house, adhering to the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Key features of our developments


Our developments are strategically situated to foster reconnection with nature. We carefully choose locations boasting stunning natural features — ranging from native woodland paths, serene loch-side views, to accessible coastlines.




We champion Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), embracing prefabricated modules in our developments. Each unit is meticulously designed by architects, skillfully constructed, and securely transported onsite by our dedicated teams.




At the heart of our founding philosophy is wellness, deeply integrated into our design ethos. Our developments feature wellness amenities in both private units and communal areas, offering residents spaces to unwind and rejuvenate.




Sustainability is a cornerstone of NAKO Modular's values and practices. We commit to sourcing only sustainable materials and adhering to top-tier sustainability standards in our developments.



About us

Our background is in transportation and logistics, where we operate a fleet of trucks and warehouses serving major industry players across multiple continents. We initially manufactured modular rest pods for our drivers, and NAKO is now an ambitious modular real estate development firm.

In parallel, we own and operate two major hotels, including a 25 bedroom boutique hotel and restaurant in central London and a 40-acre estate on the outskirts of London with over 100 rooms. We are in the process of finalising plans for a 5* hotel connected to Sri Lanka’s only international airport, a first of its kind development for the country.

Our Developments

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